KFW and EBP Overview

KFW and EBP Overview

Project Background

In era of the global energy transition, the development of a world-scale floating offshore wind power complex is underway in the waters off Ulsan.

Both public and private investment companies are actively engaged in this initiative, forming five consortiums including Korea Floating Wind (KF Wind). In particular, KF Wind is developing three wind farms with a total capacity of 1,320 MW (net capacity of 1.2 GW) The site is located roughly 80 km from the coast of Ulsan, at water depths ranging from 175 to 275 meters.

Upon completion, these three offshore wind farms will generate a supply of 4,000 GWh of electricity annually. This energy output will be sufficient to power 1 million homes and meet nearly 12% of the city’s power needs.

<Figure 1> The KOREA FLOATING WIND’s Wind Farm Area